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Located on Canada’s Prince Edward Island, 45 Steps- The Culinary Beachside Inn is a luxury 7-room boutique property where guests can go to experience the ideal Oceanside getaway. Featuring private beach access, breathtaking views and fine dining experiences, 45 Steps strives to ensure that each of its guests finds ultimate relaxation and tranquility. Yet while offering a range of stress-relieving experiences, 45 Steps recognizes that today’s guests require reliable online access and modern in-room entertainment options to guarantee full satisfaction and peace of mind.

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45 Steps leadership understood that today’s guests universally expect access to a reliable internet connection whether for keeping in touch with family or friends, for work purposes or for entertainment. However, the property’s remote location meant that 45 Steps was limited to deploying Starlink for its guest Wi-Fi service. As a result, property leadership sought out a network solutions provider that could nevertheless ensure a reliable internet connection for each guest regardless of their onsite location. To fully address modern connectivity expectations, 45 Steps also sought out a provider able to provide a solution that can accommodate demands for access to personal streaming subscriptions on guestroom televisions.

The decision to partner with HIS to resolve such issues came after the property identified the company’s ability to provide effective solutions for hotels of any size. With the hotel’s limited bandwidth resources, for example, HIS technicians deployed advanced yet affordable technology that can pre-assign bandwidth use levels to individual guestrooms. This ability ensures that each guest receives their fair share of online access while preventing guest overuse from affecting the experiences of others. To ensure seamless and reliable connectivity throughout the premises, HIS also equipped 45 Steps with advanced Ruckus access points that can provide guest devices with strong Wi-Fi signal quality.

“Many industry providers are focused on providing solutions for large properties and major brands, so we were thrilled to learn that HIS offers custom-tailored technology and services able to address the connectivity needs for a property of our size… After a painless installation process for both our Wi-Fi service and for GuestCast, HIS sidesteps system management challenges that smaller hotels with no IT staff often encounter by monitoring performance themselves in real-time. Thanks to the ongoing support of HIS, we can now confidently provide a level of connectivity that meets typical guest needs while also providing an in-room entertainment experience ensuring full enjoyment.”

Barbara Hasenböhler

Owner of 45 Steps- The Culinary Beachside Inn

By deploying GuestCast, 45 Steps is able to benefit from a hospitality-engineered guest streaming solution that is compatible with virtually any type of hotel network. Using GuestCast, the property’s guests can also look forward to instantly accessing personal streaming subscriptions without the need to type in sensitive login information. Designed with ease of use in mind, GuestCast significantly provides a hassle-free device pairing process that guests can perform by simply scanning a QR code. Once connected to the in-room television, guests with GuestCast can also benefit from the solution’s instant compatibility with thousands of streaming apps. This ensures that each guest can effortlessly access virtually any content they wish in order to maintain high rates of satisfaction.

With the GuestCast Analytics Dashboard, 45 Steps further gains the ability to monitor individual device performance and usage. The dashboard even provides the property with the ability to analyze Wi-Fi signal quality for each guestroom, facilitating the identifying and resolving of any issues before guest experiences are negatively affected.

Project Requirements

  • Provide guests with a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection despite the required use of Starlink.
  • Ensure that each guest is able to receive their fair share of bandwidth.
  • Cater to modern guest expectations for access to personalized in-room entertainment.


  • Strategically install Ruckus access points to ensure a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout the property.
  • Deploy advanced technology that can pre-assign bandwidth use levels by individual guestroom.
  • Adopt GuestCast as a user-friendly and secure means of providing guests with access to personal streaming subscriptions on guestroom televisions.

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