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Aiden by Best Western Scottsdale North serves as a full-service boutique hotel catering to both tourists and business travelers alike. A 164-room property located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, the hotel comes complete with all of the amenities that can make any guest stay fully enjoyable. These include a recently renovated swimming pool featuring cabanas, a fitness center and even an onsite Wi-Fi café. Yet whether catering to guests visiting the area for either business or pleasure, Aiden by Best Western Scottsdale North recognizes that advances in the field of in-room entertainment personalization are more important to achieving total guest satisfaction than ever before.


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With vast majorities of guests preferring to bring their own devices for access to personalized entertainment, Aiden by Best Western Scottsdale North set itself the goal of identifying a solution that would make guestroom TVs a central part of the guest experience again. Yet while there are multiple streaming solution options to select from that can mirror the flexibility guests experience when at home, the property desired to implement a platform that could always guarantee ease-of-use for new users while always ensuring the security of personal information.

After researching several options, the hotel selected BeyondTV GuestCast for its industry reputation, high-quality support services and user-friendly platform. A solution purpose-built for the hospitality industry, Beyond TV GuestCast ensures that guests can effortlessly cast virtually any content from personal devices onto guestroom television screens. This is achieved thanks to the platform’s instant compatibility with virtually any streaming service along with BeyondTV GuestCast’s hassle-free device-pairing process via a QR scan.

“In this era, it is important to allow guests to connect to the comforts of home while traveling,” said David Crum, Chief Operating Officer at HD Management which operates Aiden by Best Western Scottsdale North. “In our commitment to providing the leading in-room entertainment solutions, we identified BeyondTV’s GuestCast solution for its flexible functionality, cost and enhanced security. We are confident that BeyondTV GuestCast will continually provide the up-to-date guestroom entertainment experience that guests increasingly expect.”
David Crum

Chief Operating Officer at HD Management which operates Aiden by Best Western

In addition to sidestepping the need for guests to share username and password details, BeyondTV GuestCast is also designed to provide hoteliers and their guests with device isolation capabilities for enhanced privacy. This feature importantly prevents cross-room communication and the inadvertent casting of content to televisions located in other guestrooms. BeyondTV GuestCast is also engineered to be seamlessly compatible with virtually any television model and network in use by hotels today, ensuring a straightforward implementation process with no need to replace pre-existing hardware.

Project Requirements

  • Ensure that Aiden by Best Western Scottsdale North is able to keep pace with the latest guest expectations for in-room entertainment.
  • Sidestep the need to troubleshoot for guests encountering device-pairing or user-interface navigation difficulties.
  • Eliminate any risk of guest login information from being exposed to potential theft.


  • Provide guests with BeyondTV GuestCast for instant access to virtually any streaming service of choice on guestroom televisions.
  • Offer guests the option of scanning QR codes for hassle-free device-pairing along with a user-friendly interface specifically designed for hotels that guarantees ease-of-use.
  • Leverage BeyondTV GuestCast’s hospitality built-design to eliminate the need for guests to enter-in sensitive login details on guestroom televisions while utilizing the solution’s device isolation capabilities to prevent content from being transmitted to incorrect television sets.