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Quality Hotel Bayside Geelong is a full-service property in the heart of Geelong, one of Australia’s fasting growing tourist destinations. With 68 rooms that cater to short-term and long-term guests alike, the waterfront property offers easy access to common tourist attractions like Eastern Beach, the Geelong Botanic Gardens and the Westfield Geelong Shopping Center. Striving to provide guests with the highest level of comfort possible, the property’s available accommodations include balconies, private courtyards and the ability to choose between 1- and 2-bedroom configurations. 


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Recognizing that guests increasingly prefer to access personalized entertainment from their own devices, Quality Hotel Bayside Geelong sought a solution that could assist in meeting their needs through the guestroom TV. To further emulate the ability to stream content as easily as they can in the comfort of their homes, the property specifically desired a platform that could offer guests with instant access to their content, while also ensuring enhanced security.

Quality Hotel Bayside Geelong ultimately selected BeyondTV GuestCast through regional supplier and internet services provider Liveport. Purpose-built for the specific needs of today’s hospitality industry, the platform was chosen due to its user-friendly design and compatibility with virtually any kind of streaming service. Equipping guests with the ability to sign up through a simple QR code scan, BeyondTV GuestCast sidesteps time-consuming and complex personal device registration processes, instead ensuring that guests can instantly access their own personal content on guestroom televisions without any need for staff assistance. With a significant number of guests concerned over potential data theft when entering sensitive information into a public-use platform, BeyondTV GuestCast also allows Quality Hotel Bayside Geelong guests to access their content without ever requesting username or password information. As an additional security measure, the platform is equipped with advanced device isolation capabilities, further protecting guest privacy by eliminating any potential risk of inadvertently casting content to televisions located in other guestrooms.

“It is more important than ever for hotels to adopt services that can attract guests by addressing their current experience expectations, and personalized in-room entertainment is certainly one of the amenities that guests now look out for when considering their booking options… Fortunately for us, we had an existing relationship with Liveport as our network services provider and our previous experience with them provided us with full confidence over the quality and capabilities of their guestroom entertainment offerings. Since being implemented, BeyondTV GuestCast easily surpasses our expectations in serving as both a comprehensive and hassle-free guestroom streaming solution, and we look forward to seeing our guests make use of the technology to gain complete control over their guestroom viewing experience.”
Kevin Robe

General Manager at Quality Hotel Bayside Geelong

By being designed specifically for hotel environments, BeyondTV GuestCast also ensures a painless and swift installation process by being instantly compatible with virtually any television model and internet network in use by today’s hotels. Backed by continuous performance monitoring and 24/7 support, BeyondTV GuestCast can further consistently maintain high satisfaction rates by immediately addressing any issue before it has the ability to negatively impact guest experiences.

Project Requirements

  • Meet modern entertainment needs by offering guests with user-friendly access to personalized content, granting complete control over their in-room experience. 
  • Sidestep common device registration and pairing difficulties, eliminating the need for time-consuming troubleshooting.
  • Address guest concerns for security on public-use platforms and ensuring cross-room casting does not occur.


  • Implement BeyondTV GuestCast to offer guests with effortless access to thousands of mobile-based apps, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more. 
  • Guarantee ease-of-use by offering hassle-free device pairing solutions, including the option of scanning QR codes, along with providing a user-friendly interface specifically designed for hotels that guarantees ease-of-use.
  • Leverage BeyondTV GuestCast’s hospitality built-design to eliminate common guest concerns, including eliminating the need for guests to enter in sensitive login details on guestroom televisions and utilizing the solution’s device isolation capabilities to prevent content from being transmitted to incorrect television sets.