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Best Western Inn at the Vines is a modern and attractive hotel property serving as a gateway to California’s famed Napa Valley. Catering to both upscale and business travelers seeking to enjoy popular local attractions such as winetasting, Best Western Inn at the Vines nonetheless boasts several enticing amenities that ensure a relaxing and enjoyable onsite experience. For example, the property includes an outdoor swimming pool and hotel tub, along with rooms featuring a balcony or patio. Hotel goals to address modern guest needs also means that the property offers free WiFi access while additionally seeking to adopt new technologies that can meet widespread expectations for personalized in-room entertainment.

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Best Western Inn at the Vines recognized that guests seeking to enjoy Napa Valley’s sights and sounds nonetheless shared a universal expectation for instant access to their own personalized content on guestroom televisions. However, key to implementing a successful in-room entertainment strategy would be adopting a solution able to ensure ease-of-use and access to virtually any streamed content of choice. Hotel leadership also determined that enhanced security and data privacy would be crucial to earning guest confidence and trust in using a streaming system.

A hotel operated by the Artemis Hotel Group, property leadership opted to partner with HIS for its content streaming needs thanks to the impressive results and exceptional level of customer support already experienced by other Artemis-managed locations.

By adopting GuestCast, Best Western Inn at the Vines gains a platform engineered to specifically address the unique streaming needs of hospitality-based businesses. Key to the property’s decision to adopt GuestCast is its user-friendly design which in contrast to other more cumbersome solutions found throughout the industry, can ensure a painless interaction experience without the need for guests to request troubleshooting assistance. Beginning with the device-pairing process, GuestCast provides a simplified means for guests to wirelessly connect personal devices to guestroom TVs which is as easy as scanning a QR code. GuestCast’s user interface is also designed with ease-of-use in mind, with even first time users able to effortlessly and instantly cast virtually any content of choice due to GuestCast’s compatibility with thousands of mobile streaming apps.

“Our hotel caters to a particularly high-end guest demographic who come to enjoy Napa Valley’s various wineries, but when they choose to remain onsite, their expectations for personalized entertainment options must be met… HIS technology and expertise has always exceeded the expectations of our guests and staff at our other locations, so we had absolutely no reservations in deciding to work with them again at the Best Western Inn at the Vines. The level of support provided continues to be responsive and flawless, while the feedback that we now receive from guests over their streaming experiences demonstrates that HIS technology can satisfy even the highest of guest standards.”
Kevin Anderson

Quality Assurance Manager for Artemis Hotel Group

By being custom-engineered for the unique needs of hotel environments, GuestCast also ensures maximum guest confidence in using the system thanks to the presence of advanced security features. In addition to sidestepping the need for guests to enter-in sensitive login details, this includes device isolation capabilities that safeguard guest privacy. With device isolation, hotels can prevent guests from inadvertently or maliciously casting content to televisions located within other guestrooms.

GuestCast’s hotel purpose-built design also provides hoteliers with a rich set of valuable performance analytics via the GuestCast Dashboard. In addition to monitoring individual device health, properties can leverage such data to analyze guest usage rates and measure the success of in-room entertainment strategies. Hoteliers can even utilize the GuestCast Dashboard to analyze the quality of Wi-Fi service signal strength for each individual guestroom

Project Requirements

  • Implement an advanced guestroom entertainment experience able to align with modern consumer expectations.
  • Ensure that guests are able to easily and securely access their content on guestroom TVs.
  • Provide hotel staff with the ability to monitor solution performance and adoption rates.


  • Leverage GuestCast’s robust and flexible design to provide guests with access to thousands of mobile-based streaming apps.
  • Provide guests with a simplified device-pairing process using GuestCast while sidestepping the need for guests to enter-in sensitive login information.
  • Deploy the GuestCast Dashboard for real-time insight into device health, WiFi connectivity quality and guest usage.

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