Located just 20 miles south of Salt Lake City in Utah, Best Western Cotton Tree Inn- Sandy seeks to provide its guests with a relaxed setting that emanates comfort and convenience. In working to better achieve this goal, the hotel has recently undergone a renovation that includes revamped guestrooms and furniture. Yet in addition to providing alluring amenities such as an indoor swimming pool and complimentary breakfast, property leadership also strives to cater to the growing importance that today’s guests place on personalized in-room entertainment options.

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With increasing numbers of guests asking staff if content casting was an available guestroom feature, hotel leadership recognized that adopting such technology was vital to remaining competitive and staying ahead of market trends. Management was therefore tasked with identifying a solution capable of seamlessly operating in a hospitality environment to provide each guest with a user-friendly, safe and always enjoyable experience.

The hotel readily identified BeyondTV as a leading expert in IoT technology for the industry and opted to implement its advanced BeyondTV GuestCast solution. Engineered specifically for hotel environments, BeyondTV GuestCast is compatible with virtually any guestroom television and Wi-Fi network used by hoteliers, eliminating any risk of hardware replacement or complex integrations.

Designed to ensure that guests can effortlessly begin casting without requiring any hotel staff assistance, BeyondTV GuestCast can be used with personal computers, iOS or Android-based devices. Via its compatibility with thousands of mobile apps, BeyondTV GuestCast ensures that guests can access virtually any content of preference including Netflix, Amazon Prime, ESPN, Disney+, HBO Go and much more.

“There’s simply no question that today’s guests want in-room entertainment to at least match the flexibility and selection that they are used to when at home, and we knew that BeyondTV could deliver precisely what guests expect at an affordable price… After a fast and easy installation, the reaction by our guests has been extremely positive and they are thrilled that they have a straightforward and safe means of continuing to access all of the movies, shows and sporting events that they love.” 

Kristen Fortie

General Manager at Best Western Plus Cotton Tree Inn- Sandy, Utah

As a direct device to guestroom television casting solution, BeyondTV GuestCast sidesteps the need for guests to enter in sensitive login details which may otherwise be at risk of theft. With its device isolation capabilities, BeyondTV GuestCast also protects guest privacy by preventing the inadvertent casting of content to televisions located in other guestrooms.

Project Requirements

  • Provide guests with a means to fully control their own in-room entertainment experience by accessing their personal streamed subscriptions on guestroom televisions.

  • Ensure that guests are able to instantly access their content without the need to request hotel staff troubleshooting assistance. 

  • Address guest concerns over privacy and data theft by providing a platform that is industry proven to be fully secure.


  • Equip each guestroom with BeyondTV GuestCast to provide guests with full television casting capabilities for thousands of mobile-based apps.

  • Leverage BeyondTV GuestCast’s hospitality-specific design to ensure that each guest can instantly connect and obtain a completely user-friendly experience.

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