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Located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Brighton Suites Hotel is a privately-owned property with a commitment to serving as the ultimate getaway promising fun and relaxation. Featuring a range of stylish and spacious suites for guests to choose from, Brighton Suites Hotel ensures that each guest is fully satisfied with their experience with enticing amenities that include a glass-enclosed rooftop swimming pool, complimentary beach chair rentals and free access to a nearby gym. With suites that come with a separate living room area as well as a mini-fridge and microwave, Brighton Suites Hotel notably strives to provide its guests with a true home-away-from-home experience.

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Originally providing access to cable TV channels and a collection of DVDs, property leadership recognized that a majority of today’s guests overwhelmingly expect a more modern approach to in-room entertainment with an emphasis on streaming and content personalization. However, the hotel also determined that it would need to adopt a platform that could guarantee ease-of-use and that could address guest concerns over the potential risk of data theft when attempting to log into personal streaming subscriptions.

Following recommendations by its telecommunications provider, the property decided to implement BeyondTV Guestcast due to its industry-proven track record of providing hassle-free access to virtually any type of streamed content a guest may wish to view. Now available on each of the hotel’s 130 televisions, BeyondTV GuestCast’s hospitality-engineered design ensures that the property’s guests can effortlessly cast content with a device-pairing process that is as easy as scanning a QR code. With each guest having their own individual entertainment preferences, BeyondTV GuestCast is notably compatible with virtually any mobile-based streaming app, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and ESPN to name a few examples.
“Our hotel is situated within a resort area so we often cater to couples and families who are looking for an in-room entertainment platform that mirrors the personalization and confidence in use that they experience when at home… With BeyondTV GuestCast available on multiple TVs within each of our suites, guests staying with children can easily provide them with an entertaining distraction while enjoying their own content, all without requiring any staff assistance. In addition to providing a swift installation, we are also impressed by BeyondTV GuestCast’s built-in security features which sidestep potential guest concerns over entering-in sensitive login information and that ensure a worry-free hotel stay experience from start to finish.”
Chad Crawford

General Manager at Brighton Suites Hotel

In contrast to smart televisions which require guests to share usernames and passwords, BeyondTV GuestGuest never requests such information in order for guests to access their various streaming subscriptions. As a solution specifically developed for the hotel industry, BeyondTV GuestCast takes guest security a step further by automatically erasing all usage data the moment that a guest checks out. With its advanced device isolation capabilities, BeyondTV GuestCast also prevents content from being either inadvertently or maliciously streamed to televisions located within separate guestrooms.

Project Requirements

  • Address modern guest demands for an in-room entertainment experience that is instantly personalized to individual viewing preferences.
  • Ensure high adoption rates by providing guests with a user-friendly and intuitive entertainment platform.
  • Boost guest confidence by eliminating any concern that personal usernames or passwords may be at risk of theft.


  • Utilize BeyondTV GuestCast’s flexibility and robust design to provide guests with instant access to virtually any streamed subscription of preference.
  • Provide guests with a simplified device-pairing process requiring only the scanning of a QR code.
  • Sidestep requirements for guests to enter-in login information on guestroom TVs while further protecting guest privacy by automatically erasing all usage data during at check-out.
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