Increase patient satisfaction with casting for Healthcare facilities

GuestCast® powered by Google Chromecast

Thousands of popular apps available to cast from your patients mobile devices.

Casting is what your people are asking for!

The GuestCast® solution will boost patient convenience and in-room entertainment satisfaction. As the vast majority of visitors are increasingly looking to video streaming services as the main source of television entertainment, healthcare faciliteis around the world are under pressure to deliver the advanced functionality that is increasingly expected by today’s patients. The GuestCast® platform caters to this need by allowing users to directly cast content from thousands of Apps. Leveraging the room’s existing Wi-Fi connection, patients are able to cast content effortlessly and instantly to the TV screen.

GuestCast® powered by Google Chromecast was designed around three core concepts: user security, ease of use, and simplicity to deploy and manage. We designed GuestCast® with device isolation so that there was no possibility of cross-room communication, where the patient was accidentally sending their content to the wrong room, or where someone with malicious intent could take over another’s TV, yet that was quick and simple for patients to pair their device with, and which we could install in virtually any healthcare network environment with minimal requirements.

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