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The BeyondTV in-room entertainment solution is the first product of its kind to incorporate app Streaming, Casting, Voice TV controls, and hotel amenity access in one system resulting in enhanced guest satisfaction by bringing an at home experience to the hotel guestroom. With BeyondTV, guests can now watch what they want when they want through their favorite applications like Netflix ®, HBO Go®, Hulu®, YouTube®, Spotify®, Pandora®, NBC Sports®, ESPN®, etc. Additionally, guests have complete access to hotel services and amenities, such as in-room dining, housekeeping, hotel services, Hollywood movie library, ability to view their bill, web access and more. And now, with the new BeyondTV myRemote, hoteliers have the ability to meet guest demands for a safer, contactless guestroom environment.

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“Hoteliers have a choice to either embrace evolving guest trends such as the now common expectation for personalized in-room entertainment, or they can remain on the sidelines while competing properties cater to the latest preferences which are shaped by mainstream technologies such as Google Chromecast,” said Joseph Gimaro, General Manager at Quality Inn Montgomeryville. “BeyondTV GuestCast has ensured that our property identifies with the former, and since being implemented both our guests and staff have been impressed with the ease-of-use and lack of troubleshooting support that the system requires, without so much as one front desk phone call being received in order to assist a guest with streaming from their device. The decision to adopt BeyondTV GuestCast was also made because unlike competing solutions, the platform allows us to address concerns over security and privacy which can arise whenever a guest considers accessing personal information on a publically shared system.”



Casting is what your guests are asking for!

Let the BeyondTV GuestCast™ solution boost guest convenience and in-room entertainment satisfaction!
We have a cost-effective solution to help you meet the new required television programming. And we offer all Choice Hotels properties a no money down and low monthly payment program.

As the vast majority of guests increasingly look to video streaming services as the main source of television entertainment, hotels around the world are under pressure to deliver the advanced functionality that is increasingly expected by today’s travelers. BeyondTV’s GuestCast™ platform caters to this need by allowing users to directly cast content from thousands of Apps. Leveraging a guest room’s existing Wi-Fi connection, guests equipped with an iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone and tablet, Mac® and Windows® laptop can effortlessly and instantly make use of a larger screen.

Today’s guests expect hotels to address their concerns over health risks by providing contactless and social distancing compatible environments. At the same time, they demand access to amenities that cater to preferences for instant and personalized service. BeyondTV together with myRemote ensures your ability to address these needs simultaneously by providing each guest with instant control over in-room amenities as well as access to hotel services and information from the safety of their own personal devices.

Compatible with all smart devices: from smartphones to tablets and laptops, myRemote can be effortlessly made available to guests via QR code or manual registration and does not even require a Wi-Fi connection in order to function with BeyondTV. Reduce in-room shared surface contact risks by replacing the need for guests to handle physical in-room items with myRemote. BeyondTV with myRemote offers safer and hassle-free access to a wide range of traditional guestroom functionalities and services, including:

  • Voice TV control
  • Control TV with your own smart device
  • Order room service from TV
  • Receive messages direct to your TV from Hotel Staff
  • Order towels, pillows or other housekeeping items from the TV
  • Custom welcome screens to let guests know their room has been sanitized
  • Express checkout or view your bill from the TV
  • Hotel Amenities brochure on the TV

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