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Serving as a reputable boutique hotel management and development company for more than 30 years, Coury Hospitality oversees numerous properties and projects in several states that include Oklahoma, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas and Indiana. With a portfolio that includes over 25 hotels and restaurants, Coury Hospitality is committed to providing each of its guests and customers with unmatched perfection alongside the latest in service personalization, reliability and efficiency. As online connectivity continues to play a critical role in obtaining guest satisfaction and the enhanced convenience that they now seek, Coury’s commitment further includes a mission to ensure that each property is equipped with the latest in internet and IoT-based capabilities.   

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As guests continue to demand more from a hotel’s internet and in-room entertainment services, Coury Hospitality sought out a solutions provider that could equip each of its locations with the ability to match and even exceed convenience-enhancing online functionalities now frequently found in consumer homes. In order to provide guests with the experiences that they therefore now expect from hoteliers, this would mean partnering with a provider capable of implementing high-quality internet connectivity while also catering to wide-scale guest preferences for wirelessly casting personalized content to guestroom televisions. As a hotel management and development company seeking to adopt the latest convenience-enhancing trends and efficiencies, Coury Hospitality further desired to work with a provider that could equip guest rooms with advanced voice-activated functionality. This goal would ensure that each guest could obtain a more memorable hotel stay experience along with maximized service personalization and enhanced response times. 

After comparing the industry’s leading providers of Wi-Fi, content streaming, device casting and voice control technologies, Coury Hospitality identified HIS as the only provider that could address all of its hotel and guest needs. Analyzing each solution, Coury leadership recognized that to adopt a solution other than BeyondTV would be akin to taking a step back, as the platform was the only one that could provide a comprehensive entertainment and virtual assistant experience without encountering issues such as service lag.

With BeyondTV now available at five of its locations and with additional installations expected to be completed this summer, guests staying at a Coury Hospitality property can now look forward to seamlessly casting streamed content or apps directly onto their guestroom television without having to input sensitive login information. Leveraging its patented data privacy technology, BeyondTV further leads the industry in safeguarding guest information with features that include automatically erasing all usage data upon check-out. Guests are also able to delete their personal data at any time during their stay with a push of a remote control button.

“Guests today are interested in finding services that emulate the quality and diversity of what they find at home when it comes to in-room entertainment,” said Tad Stricker, regional director of operations at Coury Hospitality. “With BeyondTV, our guests can watch what they want to watch and pick up a show at the exact point where they last left off. BeyondTV is truly remarkable in that it delivers this experience in a way that is intuitive and is able to be used by guests the moment they walk in the room. With its additional virtual assistant and voice control abilities, BeyondTV also provides our guests with enhanced conveniences they are becoming accustomed to at home. By essentially serving as another member of staff that is always available for each guest, we have also found that front desk calls have been reduced by roughly 25 percent.”

Through BeyondTV’s integration with Amazon’s Alexa, Coury Hospitality’s guests can now effortlessly control television functions with their voice alone, without having to locate or attempt to learn how to use the remote control. Further enhancing guest convenience is the ability to use BeyondTV’s voice control feature to schedule wakeup calls and even communicate with a hotel’s various departments. BeyondTV also allows guests to order amenities such as room service from the comfort of their guestroom. Guests staying at a Coury Hospitality property are also able to utilize Alexa to find out specific information such as hotel restaurant hours or details on nearby attractions. 

As a leading provider of Wi-Fi services for the hospitality industry, HIS is also credited with providing Coury Hospitality property guests with a seamless and reliable online experience when connecting their devices to the internet. Leveraging HIS’ expertise, each property utilizes strategically installed Ruckus access points to ensure that a strong and consistent internet signal is accessible throughout the premises.

“We have been able to significantly reduce guest complaints related to Wi-Fi since partnering with HIS,” continued Stricker. “Their ability to custom-design a network that delivers exceptional quality despite any structural limitations, while ensuring that we only need to deal with them and no other vendors for additional services, is one of the main reasons that we will continue to select HIS for any future projects without question.”

Project Requirements

  • Implement an advanced Wi-Fi infrastructure capable of keeping pace with the latest online guest behaviors and preferences.

  • Provide a comprehensive in-room entertainment solution that could deliver on guest expectations for personalized content streaming and enhanced data protection abilities.

  • Offer guests a more convenient and efficient means of communication and access to hotel amenities using the latest in voice-activated functionality.


  • Leverage HIS industry expertise to strategically implement a Wi-Fi network capable of delivering a consistently strong signal throughout all areas of a property to ensure all guests receive a fast and seamless online experience.

  • Equip each guest with BeyondTV’s wireless casting abilities while safeguarding personal information using the solution’s patented data privacy technology.

  • Provide guests with voice control abilities over in-room amenities along with the option of making requests for items or services via BeyondTV’s integration with Alexa and Volara.