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The BeyondTV in-room entertainment solution is the first product of its kind to incorporate app Streaming, Casting, Voice TV controls, and hotel amenity access in one system resulting in enhanced guest satisfaction by bringing an at home experience to the hotel guestroom. With BeyondTV, guests can now watch what they want when they want through their favorite applications like Netflix ®, HBO Go®, Showtime®, Hulu®, YouTube®, Spotify®, Pandora®, NBC Sports®, ESPN®, etc. Additionally, guests have complete access to hotel services and amenities, such as in-room dining, housekeeping, hotel services, Hollywood movie library, ability to view their bill, web access and more.

Casting is what your guests are asking for!

The BeyondTV GuestCast™ solution will boost guest convenience and in-room entertainment satisfaction.  As the vast majority of guests increasingly look to video streaming services as the main source of television entertainment, hotels around the world are under pressure to deliver the advanced functionality that is increasingly expected by today’s travelers.  BeyondTV’s GuestCast™ platform caters to this need by allowing users to directly cast content from thousands of Apps.  Leveraging a guest room’s existing Wi-Fi connection, guests equipped with an iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone and tablet, Mac® and Windows® laptop can effortlessly and instantly make use of a larger screen.

Combine the ultimate in
guestroom convenience
of BeyondTV with
the highest standard
of contactless service
using myRemote.

The newest feature to be added to BeyondTV to serve the latest industry needs, myRemote is an advanced mobile web-app offering contactless personal smart device access to the full range of BeyondTV functions and services. By combining the advantages of BeyondTV with myRemote, hotel guests can maintain complete personalized control over their in-room experience while reducing shared surface risks such as when controlling TV functions, streaming content, communicating with staff, requesting amenities and much more.

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