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Located within a historic 1930s era building and providing its guests with a unique art deco-inspired luxurious experience, Hotel Metro Milwaukee serves as a stylish boutique property providing its guests with spacious rooms, all equipped with the latest in modern amenities, Hotel Metro Milwaukee strives to ensure that every unique preference or need can be fully met. This commitment in addition to offering a range of experience-enhancing features such as fireplaces in select rooms and scenic views of the surrounding area, also extends to catering to the now common guest demand of obtaining high-speed and responsive online connectivity along with complete control over in-room entertainment options.

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With Hotel Metro Milwaukee recently undergoing an extensive renovation, property leadership recognized that a top priority in improvement efforts would need to focus on catering to the expectation of guests in receiving a seamless and uninterrupted online experience for their devices, as well as addressing the increasing preference to have instant access to personal streaming subscriptions. A location managed by Coury Hospitality, Hotel Metro Milwaukee was able to identify BeyondTV as the leading industry provider in achieving both goals due to the company’s multiple installation successes at other Coury Hospitality properties.

By implementing BeyondTV within each guestroom, Hotel Metro Milwaukee is able to provide its guests with a fully comprehensive in-room entertainment solution that offers effortless and instant content casting abilities for thousands of apps. Designed specifically for the needs of the hospitality industry, BeyondTV allows guests to instantly cast their own streaming subscriptions directly onto guestroom televisions without first requiring any complex configurations. By providing direct casting abilities, the solution also sidesteps guest concerns over sensitive data security by eliminating the need to enter in login usernames and passwords as is the case with smart televisions.

In being engineered to cater to a wide range of in-room guest needs, BeyondTV can further provide Hotel Metro Milwaukee with the option of making hotel information and amenity services available via the guestroom television. With the click of a remote control button, such features can include finding out onsite spa hours, making restaurant reservations, ordering room service and much more. With guests seeking to limit physical contact with shared surfaces due to potential health risks, BeyondTV also now provides the ability to access virtually all of its features and services via personal device. Using the newly launched MyRemote which is available via the web and does not require an app download, guests can fully control all television functions, access TV guides, effortlessly switch between apps, request hotel services and much more.

Addressing connectivity and content streaming expectations plays a critical role in being able to achieve the hotel stay experience that large majorities of guests seek, and BeyondTV continues to demonstrate that they have both the industry expertise and technology needed to meet the latest industry demands,” said Tad Stricker, Regional Director of Operations at Coury Hospitality. “As with our other hotel locations, the adoption of BeyondTV ensures that guests staying at Hotel Metro Milwaukee can take full control over their entertainment viewing preferences while providing us with the opportunity to provide instant in-room access to an array of amenity services if desired by a specific property guest demographic. In also partnering with Hotel Internet Services to upgrade the hotel’s Wi-Fi network, we have also been able to completely overcome a common pain point for the industry where slow or dropped connections can lead to a considerable decrease in satisfaction rates.”

Tad Stricker

Regional Director of Operations at Coury Hospitality

With Hotel Internet Services additionally implementing a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network at Hotel Metro Milwaukee guests will also be assured of their ability to connect multiple devices and still receive a fast internet connection.  This was achieved by strategically placing advanced Ruckus access points throughout the property, ensuring a strong and consistent signal within all on-site areas.

Project Requirements

  • Ensure that each guest is able to experience a fast, responsive and reliable online experience on each of their personal devices.
  • Provide guests with the ability to take complete control over their in-room entertainment needs in order to obtain high satisfaction rates.
  • Offer the opportunity for guests to locate hotel information or request services from the comfort and safety of their rooms.
  • Minimize guest exposure to germs by reducing shared surface contact risks.


  • Leverage Hotel Internet Services industry expertise and access to the latest in Ruckus access point technology to ensure a strong and consistent Wi-Fi signal throughout the hotel that can deliver high speeds at all times.
  • Equip guests with BeyondTV for the instant and hassle-free ability to securely cast virtually any type of content from personal devices onto guestroom televisions.
  • Utilize the presence of BeyondTV within each guestroom as a means to provide the ultimate in guest to hotel communication, with the potential for guests to access details on available hotel promotions or make requests for amenities such as room service and much more.
  • Offer the option for guests to access MyRemote on personal devices, providing full contactless control over virtually all BeyondTV features and services while minimizing potential contact with germs within the guestroom.

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