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Located within one of Maryland’s most popular tourist destinations, Hotel Monte Carlo serves as the ideal getaway with onsite amenities that include both an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, rooftop terrace, bar and Jacuzzi. The Ocean City-based hotel further ensures enhanced guest comfort with a range of guestroom options to suit any preference and services that include onsite laundry and free Wi-Fi. However, to meet today’s guest expectations for a fully satisfying and modern in-room experience, Hotel Monte Carlo also places a top priority on tailoring its guestroom entertainment services to reflect the latest capabilities in content personalization.

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Recognizing the shift taking place across the industry over what guests consider to be a satisfactory guestroom television experience, Hotel Monte Carlo sought out an advanced solution that could provide the personalization and ease-of-use now commonly expected and experienced by guests when at home. Essential to its decision in selecting a platform ensuring guest confidence was identifying a solution that while able to provide instant access to virtually any streaming service of choice, could also eliminate the risk of login credential theft in addition to maintaining total content viewing privacy.

In selecting BeyondTV GuestCast, the property is able to provide each guest with instant access to virtually any streamed content of choice on in-room TVs thanks to its compatibility with thousands of mobile-based apps. From Netflix and Hulu to Amazon Prime and Disney+, BeyondTV GuestCast also notably ensures a hassle-free and intuitive experience when casting content from personal streaming subscriptions by providing guests with the option to pair their devices using a simplified QR code scanning process.

Significantly for guests wary over the potential risk of data theft, BeyondTV GuestCast also sidesteps the need to enter-in streaming account usernames and passwords on guestroom televisions. With a priority on ensuring guest confidence and safety, the solution is further designed with advanced device isolation capabilities preventing content from being streamed to televisions located in separate guestrooms.

“As part of our property’s recent renovation to provide guests with heightened experiences, we understood that for many, the ability to easily and safely personalize in-room entertainment options can make all the difference in achieving full satisfaction… As a result, we were committed to adopting the most advanced and flexible streaming platform and found that BeyondTV GuestCast with its hotel-centric design is simply unmatched. Its various features ensure that each guest can effortlessly control their TV-viewing experience without staff assistance and we are fully confident that the platform can continue to meet performance expectations far into the future.”   

Clara DiFilippo Ziman

Owner of the Hotel Monte Carlo

With BeyondTV GuestCast, Hotel Monte Carlo further gains a high-value analytics dashboard that can monitor guest usage and reveal the success of guestroom entertainment strategies. The dashboard also constantly monitors solution performance in order to instantly alert staff to any issues requiring attention before guest experiences are negatively affected. As a platform specifically engineered for hospitality environments, the BeyondTV GuestCast dashboard can even be used to measure guest Wi-Fi service performance by individual guestroom. This importantly allows hotel staff to identify any internet connectivity issues in order to maintain consistently high service quality.

Project Requirements

  • Ensure that guests can instantly access their own content on guestroom televisions hassle-free and without the need for hotel staff assistance.
  • Protect sensitive guest login details from the risk of theft.
  • Ensure that guest streaming experiences consistently reflect high-quality performance.


  • Leverage BeyondTV GuestCast’s user-friendly device pairing process and intuitive interface to provide guests with effortless access to virtually any streamed service of preference.
  • Utilize BeyondTV GuestCast’s hospitality-engineered design to sidestep the need for guests to enter-in login details on guestroom TVs while leveraging the platform’s device isolation abilities to prevent content from being streamed to the incorrect television.
  • Deploy BeyondTV GuestCast’s analytics dashboard to monitor system and online connectivity performance.

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