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Recognized for its historic building heritage and European-style luxury boutique design, Hotel St. Michel is one of Miami-Dade County’s most renowned and sought-after hotel destinations. Situated within the vibrant community of Coral Gables, the property offers its guests a unique blend of classic architecture combined with the latest in modern amenities. Guests staying at the hotel can look forward to a range of enticing amenities including a tranquil Zucca garden, a popular onsite restaurant and several leisure activities to choose from such as peloton biking or yoga classes. Recognizing that today’s guests expect the latest in enhanced connectivity, the property also provides complementary Wi-Fi and an onsite business center.


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As a property with a reputation for providing 5-star guest service, Hotel St. Michel leadership sought to maintain their competitive edge by catering to growing guest expectations for access to their own personalized entertainment. Identifying several potential options to address this need, the hotel specifically aimed to adopt a guest streaming solution that represented the industry’s most advanced capabilities in ensuring personalization flexibility and user-friendly interaction.

The property ultimately selected BeyondTV GuestCast due to its full compatibility with virtually any mobile-based streaming app that a guest may wish to access on guestroom televisions. Able to cast content from personal devices via a streamlined registration process that can be as simple as scanning a QR code, guests using BeyondTV GuestCast at the property can also look forward to effortlessly accessing their own streaming subscriptions without any need for hotel staff assistance.

“It’s no question that many hotels are now equipped with streaming solutions to address modern guest entertainment trends, so to stay competitive we not only needed to implement our own streaming services but also wanted to adopt a platform that stands out in its ability to exceed guest expectations,… HIS with BeyondTV GuestCast met our criteria precisely and since installation, we have not received one complaint from guests or any requests for troubleshooting assistance.”
Xzavier Carsten

Director of Operations at Hotel St. Michel

By being specifically engineered for the unique needs of the hospitality industry, BeyondTV GuestCast also provides guests with the confidence and trust they often seek when considering whether to access personal streaming accounts on a public-use entertainment system. This is achieved by sidestepping the need for guests to type-in sensitive username and password details. Additionally equipped with cutting-edge device isolation capabilities, BeyondTV GuestCast further prevents content from being either inadvertently or maliciously transmitted to televisions located in other guestrooms.

Project Requirements

  • Implement the industry’s leading content casting solution to provide guests with a fully personalized and user-friendly experience.

  • Ensure guest confidence by eliminating any potential privacy or data theft risks.


  • Implement BeyondTV GuestCast to ensure instant compatibility with any streaming subscription of choice while leveraging the platform’s simplified device-pairing process to sidestep troubleshooting issues.
  • Utilize BeyondTV GuestCast’s device isolation capabilities to prevent content from being transmitted to other guestrooms while eliminating the need for guests to enter-in sensitive login details.