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A boutique hotel situated within the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort in Ocean City, Maryland, The 9100 Club serves as a luxury getaway for travelers seeking all of the comforts of the ultimate home-away-from home experience. Its 27 club rooms feature dedicated staff to service virtually every need of Club members, while offering exclusive access to the resort’s private Club Lounge and Oceanfront Terrace. Recognizing that today’s guests expect the latest in modern conveniences, entertainment and communication, the 9100 Club further strives to adopt the latest technologies that can adapt to provide each guest with their own perception of the ideal hotel stay.

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Recognizing that traditional cable viewing options were no longer sufficient to meet current guest entertainment expectations, The 9100 Club set itself the goal of implementing a modern in-room entertainment service that could mirror the personalization and ease-of-use that guests now routinely experience at home. Yet as a public hotel environment, 9100 Club leadership also understood that it needed to identify a solution that could keep guest data safe from potential threats to ensure their privacy and trust. With many guests now favoring guestroom-oriented services in order to minimize germ exposure risks, the property further desired a comprehensive in-room solution that could bolster its contactless and socially distanced-compatible initiatives.

With the adoption of BeyondTV, each guest now has instant access to virtually any streaming service of choice on guestroom televisions. Via a user-friendly device pairing process involving the simple scanning of a QR code, guests can effortlessly cast content onto televisions with both secure and convenient access to personal subscriptions such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify and much more. To guarantee total data security and complete guest privacy, BeyondTV also comes equipped with the patented ability to automatically erase all usage data upon guest check-out or at any time with the push of a remote control button.
“Today’s modern traveler expects the technological comforts of their own homes to follow them on their trips and when they walk into their hotel room, they anticipate seamless connectivity between their devices and any in-room entertainment services made available… BeyondTV with its intuitive design and enhanced functionality fits this expectation perfectly and we look forward to providing each of our guests with instant access to the personalized content they enjoy on their terms. Its adaptability to new trends in guest service also means we are able to keep up with the latest experience expectations in order to maintain high rates of satisfaction and our resort’s competitive edge.”
Kyle Johnson

General Manager at Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort

As a solution created specifically for the hospitality industry, BeyondTV is further designed to address a wide range of in-room guest needs in addition to personalized entertainment. For example, properties equipped with BeyondTV can add the ability for guests to order room service from the comfort and safety of their guestroom television. Further reducing unnecessary close physical contact that can lead to germ exposure is the ability for BeyondTV to serve as an in-room concierge, guest-to-staff communication portal, source for details on hotel promotions and much more.

At The 9100 Club, BeyondTV is notably able to offer voice-activated control via an integration with Volara and Google Nest. This allows guests to control virtually all BeyondTV and guestroom television functions using simple voice commands for even greater convenience and the opportunity to minimize shared surface contact risks. This includes the ability for guests to power televisions on or off, adjust volume, switch between channels or streaming services and locate details on hotel services to name a few examples. For properties seeking an additional contactless interaction option for their guests, BeyondTV now also comes equipped with myRemote, a new feature that allows guests to convert their own personal devices into virtual remotes for contactless and convenient control over both BeyondTV and guestroom televisions.

Project Requirements

  • Address guest expectations for a modern in-room entertainment experience offering enhanced and user-friendly personalization.
  • Ensure sensitive guest data is protected against potential theft.
  • Provide guests with the contactless ability to access hotel information and services from the safety of their guestroom.


  • Leverage BeyondTV’s intuitive design to provide guests with effortless access to virtually any streaming subscription of choice on guestroom televisions.
  • Automatically erase all guest usage data upon check-out using BeyondTV’s patented security capabilities while also allowing guests to delete their information at any point during their stay.
  • Integrate BeyondTV with Volara and Google Nest to provide guests with voice-activated, contactless control over BeyondTV, guestroom televisions and hotel services.