Centrally located within the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Quality Inn Montgomeryville is a Choice Hotels owned property offering easy access to the area’s top attractions such as the Valley Forge Historical Park and Michener Museum. Also equipped with the latest amenities including a fitness center, complimentary breakfast and a valet cleaning service, Quality Inn Montgomeryville ensures that its guests can find all of the comforts that make staying at the property feel like home. This commitment further extends to providing each guest with access to in-room entertainment in a way that is seamless, hassle-free, secure and able to mirror the service personalization that they have grown accustomed to.

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Similar to many hotels using the current guest downturn as an opportunity to make service improvements by adopting new technologies, the Choice Hotels- franchised property prioritized the need to implement solutions that could cater to the increasing preference of guests remaining in their rooms. More specifically, the hotel wanted to ensure that guests attempting to social distance could still obtain an enjoyable, personalized stay experience. As when at home, hotel leadership recognized that guests opting to stay inside would seek out content viewing options that could instantly match their own entertainment viewing preferences. Yet as a public environment, Quality Inn Montgomeryville also understood the need to provide a solution that could minimize guest concerns over data privacy and that could also ensure a user-friendly experience.

By selecting the BeyondTV GuestCast® platform, Quality Inn Montgomeryville is able to fulfill this growing demand by providing each guest with instant and secure access to their own streamed subscriptions on guestroom televisions. Compatible with thousands of mobile-based apps, BeyondTV GuestCast ensures that guests are able to view virtually any personalized content of their choosing, with the hassle-free ability to cast streaming accounts from personal devices such as Netflix®, Hulu®, Amazon Prime®, Disney+®, HBO Go®, ESPN® and many more.

“Hoteliers have a choice to either embrace evolving guest trends such as the now common expectation for personalized in-room entertainment, or they can remain on the sidelines while competing properties cater to the latest preferences which are shaped by mainstream technologies such as Google Chromecast,” said Joseph Gimaro, General Manager at Quality Inn Montgomeryville. “BeyondTV GuestCast has ensured that our property identifies with the former, and since being implemented both our guests and staff have been impressed with the ease-of-use and lack of troubleshooting support that the system requires, without so much as one front desk phone call being received in order to assist a guest with streaming from their device. The decision to adopt BeyondTV GuestCast was also made because unlike competing solutions, the platform allows us to address concerns over security and privacy which can arise whenever a guest considers accessing personal information on a publicly shared system.”

Joseph Gimaro

General Manager at Quality Inn Montgomeryville

Designed specifically for the unique needs of the hospitality industry, BeyondTV GuestCast is not only fully compatible with virtually all television models and Wi-Fi networks in use by hotels today, but is also engineered using the latest in security protocols. Sidestepping the need for guests to enter in personal account information such as usernames or passwords on a guestroom television, BeyondTV GuestCast further comes equipped with device isolation capabilities. This unique feature prevents cross-room communication and the potential for guests to cast content to televisions located in other guestrooms.

Project Requirements

  • Provide guests with a means to fully control their own in-room entertainment experience by accessing their personal streamed subscriptions on guestroom televisions.
  • Ensure that guests are able to instantly access their content without the need to request hotel staff troubleshooting assistance.
  • Address guest concerns over privacy and data theft by providing a platform that is industry proven to be fully secure.


  • Equip each guestroom with BeyondTV GuestCast to provide guests with full television casting capabilities for thousands of mobile-based apps.
  • Leverage BeyondTV GuestCast’s hospitality-specific design to ensure that each guest can instantly connect and obtain a completely user-friendly experience.

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