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A Choice Hotels-operated property, Quality Inn Southaven is just a 15-minute drive from Memphis and offers easy access to Interstate 55 and I-69. Aiming to provide its guests with the all of the comforts from home, Quality Inn Southaven offers a complimentary full breakfast, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and access to free Wi-Fi. Yet as more guests continue to voice their preferences for personalized in-room entertainment, Quality Inn Southaven also seeks to securely mirror the latest in consumer streaming technology to maintain a competitive edge over other nearby hotel options.

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Previously offering standard cable channels, Quality Inn Southaven management sought to expand its entertainment offerings as more guests routinely requested the ability to stream personal content. At the same time, the property recognized that it would need to adopt a solution designed for the specific needs of the hospitality industry, including offering enhanced ease-of-use, diverse streaming options and advanced guest data security.

After reading multiple positive customer reviews for BeyondTV GuestCast, the property opted to implement the system thanks to its reputation as a streaming solution designed specifically for the needs of hotel businesses and guests. While offering guests the instant and hassle-free ability to cast content from thousands of mobile-based apps, BeyondTV GuestCast does not require the replacing of existing hardware and is fully compatible with virtually any guestroom-based television and Wi-Fi network.

“Guest in-room entertainment expectations have completely transformed over the last decade and hotels that do not adapt by adopting new technologies such as BeyondTV GuestCast not only risk being viewed as out of touch with modern preferences, but also hinder their competitiveness with other properties…Offering personalized streamed content is so important to many of our corporate and younger guests that we knew we had to go with BeyondTV GuestCast as a solution that can be guaranteed to meet an array of diverse viewing preferences while functioning seamlessly in a hotel environment. We can also ensure that guests feel completely safe accessing their content on guestroom televisions after a quick and easy installation process lasting only a couple of days for our 60-room property.

Chintu Patel

Manager at Quality Inn Southaven

Another advantage of BeyondTV GuestCast is that it never requires guests to enter sensitive login details which can place such information at risk of theft on other platforms including smart TVs. BeyondTV GuestCast also uniquely offers device isolation capabilities that further protect guest privacy by preventing the inadvertent casting of content to televisions in other guestrooms.

Project Requirements

  • Provide instant and intuitive access to a wide range of streamed content options via guestroom television
  • Protect personal guest information such as usernames and passwords from potential theft.


  • Deploy BeyondTV GuestCast to provide guests with the instant and user-free ability to cast from thousands of mobile-based apps, including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu and many more.
  • Leverage BeyondTV GuestCast’s patented data privacy technology to maximize guest trust and confidence in using a modern guestroom entertainment system.

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