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Located just across the Mississippi river from the birthplace of rock-n-roll, Radisson Hotel West Memphis is a new property that serves as the area’s first-full service hotel. Seeking to attract travelers visiting the region for either business or leisure, Radisson Hotel West Memphis features all of the comforts that make guests feel as if they were still at home, including complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi and an onsite restaurant and lounge. To meet the latest guest expectations for instant service and experience personalization, the hotel also strives to adopt advanced technologies that can match or even surpass what consumers are accustomed to during daily life.


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A 121-guestroom property set to cater to business, transient and leisure travelers searching for a comfortable and home-like environment, Radisson West Memphis recognized the importance of adapting to modern consumer entertainment preferences when seeking to attract its guest demographic. Hotel leadership notably understood that to be competitive, the new property needed to provide an in-room content viewing experience that can be instantly customized for each individual guest. Yet as guest demands continue to increase with regards to the kind of services they expect to find available in their guestrooms, the hotel further desired a comprehensive solution that could also offer easy and contactless access to other property amenities such as details on F&B menu options.

After comparing various competing platforms, the hotel ultimately selected BeyondTV due to its ease-of-use, flexibility, cost and ability to offer in-room services in line with contactless and social-distancing efforts.

“Guest expectations continue to become more complex and BeyondTV is an ideal solution that can simultaneously address demands for ever greater experience personalization, instant service and enhanced safety… After a hassle-free implementation and with BeyondTV’s reliable 24/7 support services, we look forward to providing our guests with the latest in guestroom entertainment and contactless service that the industry has to offer.” 

Anup Narsi

Operating Partner at Radisson Hotel West Memphis

An advanced content casting solution purpose-built for the unique needs of the hotel industry, BeyondTV will provide Radisson West Memphis guests with user-friendly and secure access to their own personal streaming subscriptions without ever requiring personal login information. By simply using their own personal devices, guests can effortlessly cast content to guestroom televisions from more than a thousand mobile-compatible apps including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Go and Amazon Prime.

Using BeyondTV’s new myRemote feature, guests staying at Radisson West Memphis will also be able to minimize contact with shared surfaces by using personal devices as a digitalized and fully interactive remote for virtually all BeyondTV and guestroom television functions. Contactless-compatible features include being able to effortlessly switch between streaming apps, powering televisions on or off, adjusting volume, personalizing language and color theme settings, reviewing hotel service information and much more.

As a comprehensive in-room guest service platform, BeyondTV will also allow Radisson West Memphis guests to remain socially distanced with abilities to review their bill and check-out using the guestroom television and without having to visit the front desk. BeyondTV additionally offers the option to integrate with guest-facing operations such as room service, providing guests with more convenient access to hotel amenities while further limiting close contact with hotel staff. BeyondTV can even be leveraged to inform guests of ongoing hotel promotions to maximize guest satisfaction rates and increase property revenues.

Project Requirements

  • Provide guests with the option to securely view their own personalized content on guestroom televisions.

  • Enhance guest convenience and the ability to provide socially distanced-compatible services,

  • Minimize germ exposure risks within the guestroom from shared surfaces.


  • Deploy BeyondTV to provide guests with the ability to cast personal streaming subscriptions from thousands of compatible mobile-based apps without requiring login or password information.
  • Leverage BeyondTV to provide guests with hassle-free access to information on hotel amenities without requiring direct contact with staff.  
  • Offer myRemote as a downloadable app providing guests with contactless control over virtually all BeyondTV and guestroom television functions.