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Regarded as one of Clearwater Beach’s most premier destinations, Shephard’s Beach resort spares no expense in providing its guests with all of the latest comforts and conveniences. In addition to amenities such as a tropical pool deck, a beach side Tiki bar and watersport activities, each of the resort’s guestrooms are also equipped with BeyondTV. As hospitality’s most advanced fully comprehensive guestroom entertainment platform, BeyondTV ensures that Shephard’s Beach Resort guests can effortlessly gain access to their own streamed content on guestroom televisions while also providing instant access to hotel services and information.

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As with the majority of hospitality businesses that had to reevaluate its services due to the sudden rise of the pandemic, Shephard’s Beach Resort found that it quickly needed to adopt new technologies that would minimize guest exposure to germs and maintain their trust. Resort leadership recognized that BeyondTV would prove crucial in meeting this task with its wide range of features that allow guests to request an array of services from the safety of their guestroom. Seeking to go one step further in eliminating germ risks from shared surfaces, Shephard’s Beach Resort also desired the implementation of a fully interactive virtual remote that could provide complete contactless control over both BeyondTV and guestroom television functions. However, due to using a variety of television models the resort was initially concerned that some may not be compatible with virtual remote functionality, preventing the need to replace televisions during the economy downturn.

Fortunately for Shephard’s Beach Resort and unlike competing platforms, BeyondTV’s contactless myRemote feature is specifically designed to be fully and instantly compatible with virtually any television in use by today’s hotels. In contrast to other virtual remote solutions, myRemote does not require a smart cable integration in order to transmit commands from guest devices to either the BeyondTV set-top box or guestroom television. This means hoteliers can avoid needless hassle and costs due to myRemote’s ability to seamlessly function with both commercial grade and non-commercial grade televisions.

“Earning the confidence of guests is a must in the current environment to earn their business, and BeyondTV’s myRemote has played a central role in returning our resort to fully booked capacity… Prior to Covid, we had planned to ensure that all of our televisions were upgraded, however, we were unable to move forward with the plan due to the financial uncertainty caused by the pandemic. When the need for a contactless virtual remote solution arose, we were a little concerned that some of our guestroom televisions may not be compatible, however, BeyondTV with its forward-thinking innovation quickly put such fears to rest. Aside from experiencing a swift and painless implementation process, our guests thoroughly enjoy being able to use their own devices to control all BeyondTV and television functions without any increased risk of contracting germs.”

Paul Andrews

Shephard’s Beach Resort

With a total of 1,264 reservations for the 150-room property during April 2021, Shephard’s Beach Resort averaged 126 myRemote interactions per day. This translates into a total of 3,800 interactions in just one month. myRemote’s ease-of-use and flexible design resulted in zero calls being made to HIS support for any troubleshooting assistance.

“Until now, there has been no option for hoteliers to implement a virtual contactless remote unless equipped with commercial grade televisions, which is why myRemote is such a technological breakthrough for the industry,” said Rafael van den Berg, Director of Research & Development at BeyondTV. “Many hotels trying to comply with CDC regulations simply do not have the available capital to invest in new television hardware, so myRemote’s compatibility is no doubt welcome news to hoteliers struggling to find an affordable means of ensuring the safety of their guests.”