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Offering breathtaking views thanks to its scenic location in York Harbor, Maine, Stage Neck Inn is a luxury boutique 58-room property catering to both families and business travelers alike. The hotel features a range of amenities to satisfy virtually any kind of experience expectation, including a full-service onsite restaurant and bar, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, spa services as well as convenient private beach access. Even when it comes to guestroom entertainment, The Stage Neck Inn strives to provide an experience that exceeds modern standards and that can instantly adapt to the unique preferences of each individual guest.

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Regardless if a guest stays for business or pleasure, property leadership recognized that traditional forms of guestroom entertainment such as cable TV could not address now widespread guest demands for instant access to personalized content. More specifically, The Stage Neck Inn determined that it was in need of a solution that could provide user-friendly access to virtually any streaming service subscription of choice, allowing guests to have the ultimate say over which types of content they wish to view. With large numbers of guests concerned to log into personal streaming subscriptions due to the risk of data theft, The Stage Neck Inn also recognized that enhanced security would also need to play a deciding factor in selecting an effective solution.

After experimenting with streaming platforms primarily intended for residential use, Stage Neck Inn singled out GuestCast from competing solutions as the technology most capable of addressing streaming needs within a hotel environment. Specifically, GuestCast is engineered to guarantee ease-of-use even for first-time users of the system. Featuring an intuitive dashboard sidestepping the risk of unfamiliarity that can lead to guest frustration, GuestCast also includes a simplified personal device-pairing process allowing guests to effortlessly cast content using just a QR code and without the need for staff assistance. With each guest having their own unique content-viewing preferences, GuestCast’s robust design also ensures instant compatibility with virtually any streaming service a guest may wish to use.

“Adopting a streaming platform is more of a requirement as the industry plays catchup with modern consumer behaviors, but not all solutions are alike, and hoteliers need to be careful in selecting a solution that can adapt to the unique needs of a hotel business,” said Peter Foster, General Manager of the Stage Neck Inn. “After performing research into our various options, GuestCast clearly stood out as a cost-effective technology ideally suited to providing each guest with hassle-free access to whatever content they wish to view on guestroom televisions. Significantly and in comparison to other solutions I’ve seen used by other properties, GuestCast boosts guest peace-of-mind by sidestepping data security risks and protecting their privacy in order to maximize confidence in using the system.”

Peter Foster

General Manager - Stage Neck Inn

Unlike several competing solutions that require guests to enter-in sensitive login details, GuestCast never requests such information which can be at risk of theft if left on guestroom TVs once a guest checks out. As a solution specifically engineered for the hotel industry, GuestCast also comes equipped with device isolation abilities that safeguard guest privacy. These capabilities importantly prevent guests from inadvertently casting content to televisions located in other guestrooms. GuestCast with device isolation also eliminates the risk of content being maliciously casted to other guests who may, for example, be traveling with young children.

Thanks to its purpose-built industry design, GuestCast further features a valuable Analytics Dashboard that can be used to monitor individual GuestCast device performance and guest usage rates. GuestCast’s Analytics Dashboard can even be used to review WiFi network strength for each guestroom where a device has been installed. This additional benefit notably allows hoteliers to monitor guest WiFi service quality in real-time, with any performance issues able to be identified before guest online experiences are negatively affected.

Project Requirements

  • Provide guests with instant access to any type of streamed content they wish to view on guestroom televisions.
  • Ensure an interaction experience that is intuitive and easy-to-use regardless of if it is a guest’s first time using the system.
  • Promote high usage rates by assuring guests that their personal streaming account information is safe.


  • Leverage GuestCast’s compatibility with 1,000s of mobile-based streaming apps in order to deliver an in-room entertainment experience that always reflects a guest’s unique content-viewing preferences.
  • Guarantee that each guest is easily able to access their content without staff assistance with GuestCast’s user-friendly interface and simplified device-pairing process.
  • Sidestep the need for guests to enter-in sensitive login information on guestroom TVs while leveraging GuestCast’s device isolation abilities to ensure guest privacy.

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