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“Hotels always seek out ways to stay competitive using technology but this is particularly true within the San Francisco market with its overall younger guest demographic, where offering an advanced casting solution such as BeyondTV GuestCast can make a notable difference in attracting guests who are accustomed to such services and expect to find them in the guestroom,” said Steven Rizzo, General Manager at Hotel G San Francisco. “BeyondTV GuestCast ensures that we can offer a far wider diversity of viewing options to match any guest preference while at the same time allowing us to save revenue from costly premier channel subscriptions that may or may not offer a lineup of desirable content. While standing out for its ability to deliver on precisely what our niche needs were, HIS further stood apart to us due to the company’s expert knowledge and for providing a positive implementation experience that was both seamless and quick.”

Steven Rizzo

General Manager at Hotel G San Francisco

“In today’s hotel environment, guests are increasingly demanding the ability to have services readily available the moment they are desired and with a minimal need for physical contact, and BeyondTV with its virtual assistant capabilities will allow us to deliver on this expectation completely once our property opens its doors,” said Jamie Hopwood, General Manager at Hotel Carmichael. “With hotel guests also now accustomed to the full personalization of their content viewing options due to having multiple streaming accounts, BeyondTV with its casting abilities also ensures that guests can continue to remain in control over how their in-room entertainment experience unfolds. This is increasingly becoming a priority for hotels as guests expect to see the same sort of functionality that they now commonly find at home be mirrored within the guestroom.”

Jamie Hopwood

General Manager at Hotel Carmichael

“At Quest Griffith and Quest Robina we wanted to provide each guest with the best possible experience, and by listening to the feedback of our guests we recognized the importance that they place on being provided with broader entertainment options that suit their unique tastes,” said Joshua Nadzielski, Director/Franchisee of Quest Robina and former Franchisee of Quest Griffith. “That is why we quickly sought to upgrade the in-room entertainment offerings at Quest Griffith and ensure that Quest Robina was equipped with BeyondTV GuestCast from the first day of opening. BeyondTV GuestCast provides the flexibility and convenience that today’s guests seek when accessing personalized content while also protecting personal data, and we have been pleased to experience positive feedback from the guest demographic that expects to have content casting available as a service.”

Joshua Nadzielski

Director/Franchisee Quest Robina, and former Franchisee of Quest Griffith

“Now more than ever, guests expect to be able to fully personalize their hotel stay experience and in-room entertainment is certainly no exception when it comes to this need,” said Meggan Gardner, General Manager at Mercure Albury. “The BeyondTV platform has provided us with an ability to completely and seamlessly cater to this demand, with many of our guests delighted at the fact that they are able to continue viewing their favorite movies and shows while staying at our property. With BTV ensuring that all requested needs were fully addressed during installation and with its ability offer 24/7 support, we are fully confident that guest satisfaction will continue to remain high. We are also extremely pleased over the ability to leverage BeyondTV’s contactless feature benefits to maintain a priority on guest safety while still providing seamless access to hotel services and information.”

Meggan Gardner

General Manager at Mercure Albury

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