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The Cadence is a recently opened boutique luxury property located in Niagara Falls, New York. A 58-room contemporary hotel just steps away from the iconic Niagara Falls State Park, the property’s convenient location also grants guests easy access to the heart of downtown. The Cadence strives to deliver a modern getaway in an urban oasis through its sleek design and luxury amenities, including an elegant signature restaurant, a one-of-a-kind outdoor patio & event space and more.

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Seeking to deliver the latest in trendsetting hotel stay experiences, The Cadence recognized the importance of catering to modern guest entertainment expectations that overwhelmingly favor online streaming services as opposed to traditional cable-based television. Property leadership therefore set itself the task of identifying a solution that could guarantee guests the ability to effortlessly access their own personalized streamed content on guestroom televisions, while at the same time ensuring the protection and privacy of their personal information. 

The property’s decision to select BeyondTV to achieve this goal comes from the platform’s ability to guarantee a user-friendly experience due to its intuitive interface design. Without any need for staff assistance, BeyondTV ensures that guests can instantly cast content from personal devices onto guestroom televisions hassle-free. The solution can further cater to a wide range of content viewing preferences thanks to its full compatibility with virtually any mobile-based streaming app. This includes immediate access to personal subscriptions such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spotify and much more.

The Cadence is a lifestyle luxury property with a mission to provide its guests with the absolute latest in modernity and experience personalization, so selecting the industry’s most advanced guestroom entertainment and services platform was a top priority for us and BeyondTV was by far the best choice… BeyondTV has not only proven its reputation as a user-friendly solution that guests can instantly understand and use the moment they arrive; it’s enhanced security abilities also gives them the confidence to interact with the system without concerns that personal information might be at risk.

Shelly Cieslak

Vice President of Rupal Hospitality which owns and operates The Cadence

As a solution purpose-built specifically for the hospitality industry, BeyondTV sidesteps data privacy issues by automatically erasing all usage data upon check-out or with the push of a remote button. With its advanced device isolation capabilities, the solution further prevents the inadvertent or malicious casting of content to televisions located in other guestrooms.   

Also key to The Cadence’s adoption of BeyondTV is the solution’s ability to enhance a property’s contactless and social distancing initiatives while simultaneously boosting guest convenience. Once the new hotel’s onsite restaurant has completed construction for example, BeyondTV will allow guests to effortlessly view menus and order room service from the safety of their guestroom television and without exposing guests to any unnecessary health risks. With the hotel also featuring a roof-top bar offering high-end cocktails, guests wishing to remain in their rooms will also be able to instantly order any beverage of preference without having to make the physical trip themselves. 

BeyondTV’s fully comprehensive design further provides hotels with options to implement other experience-enhancing features, including providing guests with access to concierge services, hotel information or the ability to request amenities such as extra towels or toiletries. With instant compatibility with BeyondTV’s myRemote feature regardless of television model, hotels also have the option of allowing guests to use personal devices as a contactless and more convenient remote that is capable of controlling all television and BeyondTV functions.  

Guest service expectations can evolve very quickly so it makes financial and practical sense to adopt technologies that can likewise swiftly adapt to new industry trends,” continued Cieslak. “BeyondTV creates opportunities as opposed to barriers that will allow us to always stay one step ahead of the latest guest needs, and it is this design flexibility that will prove to be essential in continuing to set our hotel apart from nearby competitors.

Project Requirements

  • Cater to guest demands for a modern in-room entertainment experiences that can accommodate the personal content viewing preferences of each guest.

  • Protect guest privacy and ensure their confidence by eliminating potential data theft risks.

  • Equip guests with a contactless, easy-to-use solution for accessing hotel amenities.


  • Provide guests with BeyondTV for instant and hassle-free access to virtually any personal streaming subscription of choice on guestroom televisions.

  • Leverage BeyondTV’s hospitality-engineered advanced security features to safeguard sensitive guest information, including the automatic deletion of all usage data upon guest check-out.

  • Utilize BeyondTV’s flexible design to provide guests with instantly convenient and contactless-compatible access to hotel amenities such as room service using guestroom televisions.