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Situated within a building steeped in history and that once served as a dormitory for law students, The Dorm Hotel not only provides its guests with the opportunity to re-live their college years but allows them to do so in a way that reflects ultimate comfort and access to the latest in hotel service technology. Cutting-edge amenities include a self-pour bar as well as smart lights, thermostats and blinds in every guestroom. While offering a truly unique experience to its guests, The Dorm Hotel nonetheless recognizes the top priority that today’s guests place on being able to access a modern and user-friendly guestroom entertainment platform.

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As a property aiming to earn a reputation of being able to provide cutting-edge services that address the latest guest preferences, The Dorm Hotel understood that simply providing traditional cable channel TV or video-on-demand would not live up to current expectations. As a result, property leadership sought out an in-room entertainment solution that could provide the experience personalization and ease-of-use that guests have now become accustomed to and demand from today’s hoteliers. Critically and to ensure high adoption rates, The Dorm Hotel also recognized that it needed to adopt a solution capable of dispelling guest concerns over potential security and privacy vulnerabilities that can stall any property’s in-room entertainment strategy.

In adopting BeyondTV GuestCast by HIS, The Dorm Hotel can fully deliver on guest demands for comprehensive, yet seamless and secure access to virtually any content of preference on guestroom televisions. From Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu to Disney+, YouTube and HBO Go, BeyondTV GuestCast ensures that each guest can gain complete control over their in-room experience. With its effortless device-pairing process that is as simple as scanning a QR code, BeyondTV GuestCast further provides guests with both effortless and instant access to their own content without the need for hotel staff assistance.

“Practically every guest has some form of streaming subscription that they would prefer to view on a larger screen than on their smart device, which is certainly a differentiating factor and why it was so important for us to adopt the industry’s most capable and flexible solution… BeyondTV GuestCast completely addresses every factor that a guest expects to find in a modern hotel entertainment system and after a flawless installation lasting only two and a half days, our guests are absolutely thrilled by the service thanks to its ease-of-use and wide-ranging streaming compatibility.”      

Robert Poprawski

owner of The Dorm Hotel

As an advanced casting solution designed specifically for hospitality environments, BeyondTV GuestCast also maximizes guest confidence and trust in using the platform by utilizing the latest in state-of-the-art security. This includes BeyondTV GuestCast’s industry-leading device isolation capabilities that prevent guests from either inadvertently or maliciously casting content to televisions located in other guestrooms. Backed by instant 24/7 HIS support, BeyondTV GuestCast also ensures that The Dorm Hotel’s guests can always continue to look forward to a seamless and uninterrupted guestroom entertainment experience.

Project Requirements

  • Provide guests with a modern in-room entertainment experience that addresses demands for maximum experience personalization.

  • Ensure guest confidence and trust in using a hotel’s in-room entertainment system.

  • Prevent any lapses in service quality that can reduce guest satisfaction rates.


  • Deploy BeyondTV GuestCast within each guestroom in order to provide instant user-friendly access to virtually any streaming subscription of choice on guestroom televisions.

  • Utilize advanced BeyondTV GuestCast security technology to prevent the inadvertent sharing of content on televisions located in other guestrooms while sidestepping the need for guests to enter-in sensitive login details.

  • Leverage 24/7 instant support to always ensure a seamless and enjoyable in-room entertainment experience.

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